• Euro-Roller® Technics

    Euro-Roller® Technics

    Euro-Roller® Technics is a wellknown name in exhaust and weldingfumes extraction systems.

  • Exhaust and welding fumes extraction systems.

    Exhaust and welding fumes extraction systems.

    Euro-Roller® equipment is used on cars, trucks, tractors and other vehicles with petrol-or dieselengines, as well as on stationary machine units, at construction sites, in welding shops etc.

  • Filters


    Temporary Particle Filter

Exhaust gas extraction

Euro-Roller®Technics product portfolio can simply be called “complete”. Spring- or Electrical operated reels, for hose diameters up to 500 mm, and lengths up to 35 metres. Euro-Rail channel systems and extraction arms for welding fumes or exhaust gas extraction.

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Welding fume extraction

Optimal work conditions are prerequisites in modern workshops. Proper and clean environments increase productivity. Extraction of exhaust fumes are an important element. A flexible system with ample capacity is an essential requirement

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Euro-Roller Technics

Euro-Roller®Technics has developed into a specialised company with extensive knowledge and expertise about exhaust and fume extraction systems. Because of ongoing technological developments, Euro-Roller®Technics continues its strategy of continuous innovations.

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The filters functions immediately after the engine is started and remain fitted whilst a vehicle is moved within a building.

The filters are not designed for road use or where engines will be run under load or at high rpm for prolonged periods.

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