Use a particulate filter if you drive into the building with a vehicle with a cold engine, for example when driving in and out or moving between workplaces.

This is not necessary for a vehicle with a Euro 6 engine.
Use the suction hose properly and consistently.

Check the extraction system regularly.
Choose wet cleaning instead of compressed air, otherwise you will spread soot particles throughout the workshop.
Always ensure good ventilation of the workplace. Pay extra attention to this in the winter when the doors are closed.

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  1. The MF-100 ST KIT
  2. Increasing awareness of vehicle exhaust pollution and
  3. its effect on both employees health and the environment
  4. has led to dramatic increases in efforts to control the problem.
  5. The effect on human health, especially within enclosed
  6. environments, is leading to an increase in OH&S regulations.
  7. By controlling the problem at source with the use of filters
  8. fitted directly to the vehicle exhaust
  9. outlet the problem is quickly and effectively controlled

Content MF100 ST Kit:

  1. 1x Exhaust filter MF 100        750MET7510
  2. 2x  MF100 filter element        750MF01000
  3. 1x Rubbercone
  4. 1x Manual MF100IR Fitting Instructions

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